It is difficult to imagine a person who would not have photographed on the phone. Such social networks as Instagram, Facebook, etc. are not without beautiful pictures today, though not everyone can boast of good content. Unfortunately, there is no magic button on any phone, or even on a professional camera, this requires knowledge.

Vienna Iphone 6

How to take a good picture?

For a good picture on the smartphone, the same rules work than proffesionnal camera. Be sure to understand the composition of the picture. It is not difficult. In addition, the picture should not be too illuminated, or vice versa too dark. It is necessary to observe the balance of light and always adjust the exposure. The picture should be smooth relative to the horizon. And the most important thing, in my opinion, is to make a photo with a minimum number of defects - try to get rid of unnecessary objects in the frame, to prevent the appearance of glare. This and more.


The Course program:


- Let us analyze what programs are needed for shooting, download and install them. What is ISO, shutter speed and exposure correction, and how to use them to shoot on the phone.
- The practical part - walking and shooting through the picturesque places in the town, where we analyze architectural, portrait and reportage photography.
- And finish we learn about the correctness of the post processing