Such a huge gratitude to Gaya for the shooting. You know, when 2 people are on the same wave and understand each other without words, the truly wonderful works are becoming. She is Professional with a capital letter in the photography 
world that I've been looking for a long long time, having a subtle sense of style and beauty. Her shoots are so light, airy, so truly . She perfectly catches emotions, helping to relax in front of the camera and feel yourself free. She helps you with the right pose and how turn your head to look more natural and gorgeous in the same time. I spent a lot of shooting with different photographers, but Gaya was able to see my best, in her pictures my eyes are shining and transferring some kind of divine light! For half an hour she was able to capture the entire collection, which we usually shoot in 2 hours with an ordinary photographer. I think it's very professional! Thank you again for the magical experience, not our last one, I'm sure 100%.


Thank you for the unreal photo shoot! These 2 days will remain in our memory forever! You are not just a true professional in your affairs. We hope this is not our last meeting!




GAYANE is the most talented photographer I've ever met! It is very important for me that the frames be of high quality, lively, natural, radiate beauty and be filled with emotions! As my practice has shown, it is very difficult to bring to life for the majority of photographers, especially when there is more than one person on the set.

Having met Guy, I could not believe my happiness! Finally, I saw not just an empty click of the camera in anticipation of a good frame with the sentence “Come on, play with each other”, but real work with people and mad love for what she does! 
She was very subtle and self-confident, she kept everything under control, including postures, gestures, some trifles, so that we looked in our radiant light, looked harmonious, did not violate "our" naturalness! The hands were set correctly, somewhere the hair was killed, my idealistic clarity was completely satisfied when I saw the result of our shooting))) Guy - this is a photographer not with gold, but with diamond hands! My talented treasure)))


From the first minutes of the session, it immediately became clear that Guy is an experienced, and most importantly a professional photographer! She knows her business, she does everything clearly and smoothly, working in tandem with a makeup artist, stylist and other voice-overs when their help is needed! This makes the photo session for us, the newlyweds, very comfortable, relaxed, as it is fashionable now to say "on the fan"!)) What is unimportant, Gayane knows what to do with us)): tells you how to get up so that we look naturally in the photo